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Using FP in Python after years of OOP use.  Groked it.  Wow wow wow!


Reading about Scala has made me a better Python programmer!


Link: CoffeeScript

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.  An alternative language that compiles to JavaScript.  Uses only the “The Good Parts” of JavaScript and has some really nice syntax.

Link: High Level Concurrency with JRuby and Akka Actors

I’m learning Scala (which admittedly has required more effort from me than learning Ruby or Python did) largely because I want to use Erlang like actors in an OO style language.  That original goal has been expanded since I have learned the many ways that Scala improves the programming process beyond just actors.  Still, here is another option that meets my original goal without learning Scala: JRuby with Akka actors.  This is a very compelling option for concurrent programming in a high productivity language.